Water Tanks

Actively creating sustainable outdoor areas, that will help you save water and keep your gardens green!

Water Tanks are a great investment for your outdoor space. They provide you with an effective way to save water and sustainably water your gardens and lawns over the warmer months of the year. Water tanks can come in a number of varieties to suit any outdoor design and can be easily hidden to ensure they do not take away from your outdoor space.

DJ Landscapes are experts in tank installation and are able to offer a number of different water tank options, including:

  • Round Tanks
  • Slimline Tanks
  • Underground Tanks
  • Corrugated Steel
  • Poly Tanks


DJ Landscapes have experience, skill, and attention to detail when installing a water tank, to ensure that the tank is plumbed and can service your needs. Tanks can also be a sustainable household service that can be installed to service toilets, laundries as well as your garden and lawn areas.

How the Process Works

Our team follows a step by step process when installing water tanks.

Whether you need a retaining wall to level out your outdoor space, or you want to attractively create different sections to your yard, this is the process out team follows.

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Our expert design team will walk you through the process, looking at the area and your needs. This will determine the ideal size and location of your tank.


Underground tanks will be installed at the beginning of a project to ensure the site can be excavated. Above Ground tanks will be installed nearing the end of a project. A stable base such as concrete is usually used to ensure the tank cannot be displaced.


Once the tanks are in place, plumbing will be made from storm water to the tank, in order to collect rainfall.


The last step is to install a pump so that the water can be used under pressure. Pumps are selected based on the needs and size of the area it is servicing.