Retaining Walls & Excavation

Create an attractive and functional outdoor space using structured retaining walls.

Retaining walls are a great investment for your outdoor space, not only from a functional perspective, but an appealing one too. They are a good way to landscape a sloping yard, but it takes advanced planning and careful layout to avoid collapsing.

DJ Landscapes are experts in creating walls that retain, or simply be a feature for your outdoor area. We offer a range of materials to create a retaining wall including:

  • Natural stone
  • Concrete Sleepers (this is the most common)
  • Rendered
  • Feature block work
  • Link wall
  • Treated pine sleepers

Excavation is a given for any large landscaping project, especially when it involves structured retaining walls. It is vital for laying the foundation upon which the structure will be built and must be handled with a holistic understanding of the project. Excavation is an integral part to the beginning of all Landscaping works as it sets the ground level and prepares areas for Pools, Concrete, Walls, and Outdoor Areas.

DJ Landscapes have experience, skill, and attention to detail when excavating any job, small or large. Our team can operate:

  • Trucks
  • Excavators
  • Bobcats
  • Boring Machines
  • Excavation Accessories

Custom-designed retaining walls to suit your yard.

Did you know we are also qualified builders? This means we provide the expertise and qualifications to deliver the outdoor space you have always dreamed about.

How the Process Works

Whether you need a retaining wall to level out your outdoor space, or you want to attractively create different sections to your yard, this is the process out team follows.


Our expert design team will walk you through the process, looking at the area and your needs. Retaining Walls are usually built first as they provide a foundation and fixed area to work around. Retaining walls will usually be built against house block boundaries to provide support and stability to your landscape.


With our range of excavators and boring equipment, we can bore the suitable holes and create the foundation to create the retaining wall.

3Structure Retaining Walls:

Once the foundation and steel posts have been set, it is time to bring in the sleepers, which are then set into position. Alternatively, for featured stone walls or concrete retaining walls, the shape will be boxed and set with concrete.


Once your retaining wall is set, its time to landscape! Whether it be part of a garden or a key feature in your backyard, our team can blend them into the theme of your design.

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