Outdoor Rooms

Create a chic outdoor oasis with an inspiring outdoor room that will impress.

Outdoor rooms are designed to create an extra part of your home – with the purpose of entertaining and bringing people together. We find most outdoor rooms are open plan with some walls or screens to create privacy.

DJ Landscapes are experts in designing, building, and delivering gorgeous outdoor rooms that tick all your boxes. As registered builders, we provide comprehensive construction services to bring the outdoor room to life, which fulfils all Victorian safety requirements.

With over two decades of experience, we pride ourselves on only using quality materials to construct each outdoor room, ensuring there is an abundance of greenery and lots of charm.

The perfect solution for your outdoor living and lifestyle needs

How the Process Works

Whether you want a huge outdoor room with a bar, BBQ and fans, or a cosy sunken fire pit with benches and blankets, we’ll bring your vision to life.
The steps towards the final product include:


Laying the foundation of concrete – in the design shape that the client wants. This can include concrete being shaped to hold a sunken firepit, or outdoor utilities such as a sink, bar, or BBQ.


Towards the end of landscaping the team then comes back to the room to finish the flooring, this usually means laying tiles or polishing concrete.


From there, all the fixtures are installed from BBQ, to fridge, to fans, to heater


The last stage is the option to install outdoor blinds, which provide the ability to enclose the space during winter times, or leave open in the as summertime.

“Outdoor rooms are a key component to any entertaining area, as they provide endless opportunity to being able to maximise the outdoor space that has been designed and created.”

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